Relationships are a Full Time Job


When I started my professional career after college, I knew that I had to place all of my focus and energy on growing in my career. However, I was in a relationship that was slowly deteriorating and taking up a lot of my time. We argued over every little thing. I got tired of feeling like I was less than a human being in talking with her. Then, it hit me. This relationship was my second job.

I tried my best to be productive at work but would often think of what it would be like to have my girlfriend by my side at a work. I realized quickly that I was chasing a never ending rabbit hole trying to find happiness in the wrong areas in life. That's when it hit me! I need to start doing what I love because the one will appear and I'll be ready to receive them. I truly love everything about me and what I can offer. I just know that it will consume a lot of my time each day that I cannot take back.

Before you enter a relationship, have an open discussion with your significant other and let them know that you are interested in having work-life-balance without falling in the trap devoting so much time with them when it takes away from your level of productivity at work.

In closing, There are plenty of fishes in the sea, waiting for you to catch them. Don't waste your time on dead weight. You know that you deserve better so get BETTER!

Joshua Jackson