Unwarranted Advice


One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am talking to someone about a decision I made and they offer me their advice, without me asking, which ends up being bad advice. Most people that do this have no ill intentions on your path to success in life. They just suck at giving unwarranted, negative advice.

It is important to know when you need to filter the advice given to you. If it doesn't feel good and it isn't coming from a place of sound wisdom, then don't entertain it. You would be better off doing what you love to do and what it feels right, instead of allowing someone else's opinion to change the direction of your life and your career path.

Be firm in your decisions. Know what matters the most to you with your career and you'll always go far in life. If you need advice, you'll know who to contact because it won't be unwarranted. It will be just what you need to take you to the next level.