Being 100% Efficient at Work with No Excuses


You arrive at work in the morning, work your shift, go home, relax and eat dinner. Then, the question pops up in your mind, ‘Did I give my all today?’ 

When I worked in corporate America, I asked myself this question quite a few times. The reason being is because I didn’t feel like I had a successful day if I didn’t give my all. There are a lot of things that raced my mind but I had to be honest with myself on the work I completed. This helped me out with working toward being more organized and managing my time better. 

I tried several methods to manage my time by using apps on my phone, web apps, my Outlook calendar and my Google calendar. Sometimes, I would use multiple methods at the same time. No matter which method I chose, it helped me realize that I was able to accomplish more tasks and assignments in a day than ever before.

We all have busy lives but there shouldn't be an excuse for not going up and beyond with getting your work done and exceeding expectations. When you’re able to manage your time wisely, there are enough hours in the day to give your all in your career and be more efficient with no excuses.

Cheers to pimping

Joshua Jackson