Lack of Upward Mobility: To Leave or Not to Leave


Allow me to paint the almost perfect picture for you with your career. The job role you have is paying good money, you have great benefits and you're able to work remote. However, there is no option to move up in the company and although you could leave your job, you really enjoy your work environment and don't want to exit it. What do you do? To leave or not to leave your job is the ultimate question.

In a case like this, you have to first realize that you will need to do the work to change your future for the better. However, how I see it, you have two options to change your situation.

  1. Make a New Job Role - When you're happy with your work environment and the only thing missing is upward mobility, you have to pave the way for a new position by creating it yourself. If the position doesn't already exist, come up with a strategy in making one up and present it to upper management for approval.
  2. Be Upfront and Real to your Superiors - Let your supervisor, manager and/or director know about your concerns with not being able to move up in the company and that you've reached a 'glass ceiling' in your current role. If your work is valued and appreciated, they will do whatever it takes to keep you on board as an employee.

The choice is yours to change your circumstance and think outside of the box in terms of your career path. Take action, change your situation and start pimping!

Joshua Jackson