Friday Fridge Cleanup Lesson: Do Not Waste Good Opportunities


Every Friday, the cleaning crew throws away all food and beverages left in the refrigerator that are unmarked. It doesn't matter if the item was a 2 days old or just as recent as an hour ago, they are instructed to throw it all away if there is no label on it.

One week, I forgot about it and as soon as I remembered, I dashed toward the elevator from the 3rd floor, pressed the button for the 8th floor where my office is and ran toward the refrigerator. In pure sadness, I noticed that my food was no longer there. I wanted to cry because I was looking forward to eating chicken teriyaki with rice and vegetables.

When I noticed one of the ladies from the cleaning crew walking from a distance, I stopped her asked her if she new where my food was after I described it thoroughly. She answered and stated that it was on the 7th floor. I ran to the elevator again, pressed the button 7 this time and I noticed a woman cleaning out the fridge. I politely asked her if it would be okay for me to check the garbage can for my food since I knew it would be near the top of the pile. She hesitantly stated yes and within 30 seconds, I found my food still wrapped up nicely in a to-go box and sealed in a plastic bag. I was happy that I located my food and could relax.

Ever since that day, I label every single item I place in the refrigerator immediately upon me placing it in the refrigerator. This taught me a valuable lesson about not wasting opportunities because of my sheer laziness. Just how I was determined to fix my mistakes, you could do the same thing! In addition, from the picture above, notice how I was ready for that same incident to happen again.

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