The PB&J Flow


Every Monday, I budget my available funds for the week and since my savings is dwindling down, I’m making sure I don’t spend as much as I’m awaiting for client payments to be received.

When I reviewed my bank accounts, I realized that I’ll need to conserve more and not eat out as much as I have lately. I had a budget in mind for what I can and cannot spend. I thought to myself, “I haven’t had a good PB&J sandwich in a long time. Why not eat that for a few days?”

I couldn’t walk out of that aisle quick enough at CVS Pharmacy with a loaf of bread, creamy peanut butter and grape jelly! When I returned to my office, you would’ve thought that I was a little kid at a candy store. I was happy to eat my all-time favorite sandwich and being able to make smarter and wiser decisions related to my finances at the start of my business’ growth!

Cheers to pimping! 

Joshua Jackson