Audience of None


Have you ever had that feeling that everything you do seems to not amount to anything? Do you sometimes feel like your hard work isn't being recognized?

We've all been there at some point but have to realize that if we keep going without caring who is watching, you will end up having an audience because your hard work and dedication will be admired by many.

I am a prime example. I've recently started publishing more content on YouTube and Facebook to bring awareness to my company, The Corporate Pimp, brand and services offered. However, at the moment, I am getting less than 100 views per video on YouTube. I could get pissed, stop publishing content and give up but I'm not. The reason why is because my goals and vision for The Corporate Pimp is far greater than myself and my ego.

I plan to change the way the world thinks about achieving success in a corporation. "Raising a Nation of Corporate Pimps" is my slogan that started in the United States of America but in time, will transcend to many other nations forming a "One Pimp Nation" because I am passionate about helping others succeed and grow in their success perpetually.

Giving up should never be an option. If your passion and heart is in a particular field of expertise and skillset, go after it and achieve it no matter if you are or aren't being recognized for your good works and deeds. Do what you want to do for YOU and you ONLY! As long as you do what you love, the opportunities will come, the money will flourish and you'll be living your best life ever!

Cheers to pimping!

Joshua Jackson