Once you get the Money, then WHAT?!?!


There are a lot of people that desire to have more money but it poses the question of 'When you have it, then what?'

It sounds great to make six figures and live a luxurious lifestyle but with more money, comes more responsibilities. You have to ask yourself if you're willing to face that head on or not. It's much easier to say 'Yes' but as soon as you have it, a different outcome presets itself.

Being happy with what you have now and managing it well is great practice for the surplus of income that awaits you. I learned from being on tour to manage living off of $2,000 per month if I wanted to motivate the students in our nation from city to city. Due to the fact that I was able to manage my finances with the drastic change in income from my corporate job, it allowed me to focus on my end goal while on tour.

The abundance of wealth is in the mind. A man who makes $30,000 per year can be 10 times happier than the man who makes $30,000 per month. The reason why is because the man with less income realizes that money is just an object but does not dictate his happiness.

If you're excellent at managing what you have, then you will be excellent at managing more money as you thrive in pimping yourself and your career!