The Corporate Pimp: Creator of Pimped Out Content


Ever since I came up with the idea to write my book, How to Pimp Corporate America, my wheels spun on more ideas of how I could help people in more ways than one to achieve success in their careers.

My weekly digital content, affiliated with The Corporate Pimp Broadcasting Network showcases content in which I create, plan, film and edit. I'm a firm believer that people learn better when they are educated and entertained simultaneously. For this reason alone is why I am having so much fun creating pimped out content daily!

My ultimate goal is to have my own talk show called Real Talk with The Corporate Pimp where I would feature guests who are successful with their careers in corporate America, include the audience in skits, have a variety of segments a part of the show, given away raffles and door prizes, and provide open forum discussions with guests and the audience. The Corporate Pimp Broadcasting Network is just the beginning of it all.

Stay tuned as more content is being developed and produced each week! Cheers to pimping!

Joshua Jackson