What’s your Story?

We all have a story. The story of our lives. It is through our experiences in life that shapes us to be who we are at the core of our souls.  We each have a story to share to others, no matter how good or bad we may think it is; your story is powerful.

You have no reason to be ashamed of your past because of what you have been through. Think of your story helping someone else get out of their predicament or avoid it altogether. Changing someone else’s life so that they don’t go down the same road as you, makes you feel good inside and that you’ve made a positive impact on another human being. 

Next time you’re at a coffee shop or an event where you are around strangers, I dare you to build a rapport with them by telling them your personal and unique story.  You’ll never know how it will impact someone to live a better life.

So tell me, ‘What’s your story?’ 

Joshua Jackson