The Need for Personal Breaks at Work


Sometimes we can get so caught up in our careers that we forget to give ourselves a break and just relax. No matter how important your job is, burning yourself out will affect your health negativity. It is best that you take time out of your day to step away from your desk and take a walk, stay in the office and not do anything work related.

Allow me to explain. When I create my schedule for the day, I purposely allot 4 to 6 thirty minute breaks, based on how many hours I plan to work each day. This gives me time to allow my brain to relax and for me to focus my efforts and attention on anything else but my business. It works for me! I tend to get a lot more accomplished when I’m focused and my schedule is organized with breaks.

I strongly suggest that you try inserting breaks in your schedule so that you aren’t overworking yourself. Relax, chill out and give yourself a break! 

Joshua Jackson