Weekend Warrior


I've learned that as an entrepreneur, there are no days off, including weekends.

When I worked full time as an employee in corporate America, the weekends were full of fun packed activities. It was my escape from the 9 to 5 workweek. Sunday nights, I dreaded because I knew that the workweek cycle was starting over again the next day, Monday.

Earlier this year, as I started to focus on my business more, the weekends were solely time for me to ramp up my business. All "fun" activities were put on hold until I completed majority of my tasks during the weekend.

One of my friends at the WeWork office in San Diego stated to me, "You're a weekend warrior. You're always here." That made me smile because it shows how passionate I am about my business and purpose in life.

When you have some alone time, ask yourself the following question: How passionate am I about my dream career for me to perfect my craft each weekend?

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