Be Real, Be Authentic and Be You!

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At certain corporations, employees are conditioned to act a certain way and not be their true, authentic selves. This could taint an individual's experience in corporate America if they don't know how to 'pimp it'.

For example, I am naturally a charismatic person with a boisterous voice. I was told at a few corporations I worked at to "lower my voice" while in my cubicle. I learned that I had three options:

  1. Conform to the request and lower my voice
  2. Do not change and risk being placed on probation
  3. Leave the current job altogether

Depending on where you are in your professional career, you will choose the best option for you based on personal reasons. However, in my case, I chose option 1 because it is the one with the lowest risk.

I never minded blending in as a chameleon at work but that didn't stop me from being loud outside of my cubicle. For example, think of when you're at the dinner table with a 6 year old child. There are certain things that you would not say in front of a child but you would say in front of an adult.

No matter what company I worked at, I blended in but still remained to be the charismatic, Joshua Caleb Jackson that everyone knew and loved. Conforming isn't bad but don't allow rules made at a corporation prevent you from thinking outside of the box. Be yourself and be happy!

Cheers to pimping!

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Joshua Jackson