3 Ways to Avoid a Shitty Career

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Being stuck at a dead end job is no fun. You deserve to live a rewarding life which would include a good career and not a shitty one. It's easy to fall in a trap of complacency with an unfulfilling career but you have the power to make a difference in your destiny.

Here are 3 ways to avoid a shitty career:

  1. Follow your Heart's Desire
    • Life is much easier when you are doing what you love each day. Each day you're going in for work, it should make your heart smile.
  2. Plan your Next Career Move
    • Work on the next steps to changing your current position. Plan ahead so you're prepared to make your next move.
  3. Execute your Plan
    • Knowing is part of the battle, planning is half the battle and the last phase is executing what you planned to accomplish.

Follow these steps and it will keep you away from being on the wrong end of the toilet!