The Chase of your Career


I had an interesting day today. I planned to film my next episode of "Pimp Points" at the WeWork office in Burbank this morning. However, while exiting the bus, I inadvertently forgot that my tripod was in the seat next to me. As soon as I realized it, I ran as fast as I could while wearing a casual short sleeve collar shirt with a pair of dress pants and casual dress shoes. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster.

Will my tripod be there? Did someone notice that I left it there? What will someone do when they see it on an empty seat? These are all questions that raced in my mind. As I'm running, I'm thinking about how important it is for me to retrieve my tripod. I'm an entrepreneur with limited funds temporarily until I start receiving profits for my business. This tripod is the core of my digital content. I can't educate and entertain my audience about reaching success in their careers without this device.

I kept running and running. When I reached the bus. I waved down the driver and he gave me a look of shock. As I stopped to catch my breath from the bus door entrance, I looked at the driver and told him that I left my tripod on the bus. He said that he was surprised that I ran from where he dropped me off to where he was at that moment to retrieve my tripod. Then he says, "That tripod of yours, it's an expensive equipment, isn't it?" I replied, "No, it's part of something greater than the price tag!" and I smiled as I walked off of the bus with my tripod.

That greater something is the content I'm recording. Ultimately, one day I will have my own talk show. It is the simple and little things like chasing after the bus to retrieve my tripod which reminds me of how passionate I am about living out my purpose in life.

I'm going to continue chasing my dreams and Raising a Nation of Corporate Pimps!

Joshua Jackson