Rewarded Risks

In my previous post, I explained how I am reclaiming my time by quitting my corporate job and focusing on my business 100 percent. I could not do this if I was not prepared to take risks in life.

When I departed from my job in 2015 to pursue my passion in motivational speaking and growing my business, I knew that I had to let go of what was ultimately holding me back: my comfortable, work-from-home 6 figure income job. While on tour for the first 3 months, I faced a lot of challenges because my income drastically changed from 6 figures to no figures. However, I survived and successfully visited 39 states and 88 cities, as I planned from the beginning. One of my major accomplishments on tour was being asked to come back to a high school and speak as their Commencement Speaker. Taking the risk to quit my job in 2015 was worth it! The video below is the speech I conducted at Charles H. Sumner High School in St. Louis, Missouri in May 2017.

Now, let's fast forward to two days ago, August 31, 2017. After my exit interview, two hours later I had a scheduled interview for a freelance contract role as a Salesforce Administrator. When I spoke with the gentleman on the other end, he told me that I was referred to him by a mutual friend who is a recruiter in the San Francisco Bay area. I was very detailed and transparent with him on my availability as I am only working on freelance opportunities sparingly. The gentleman understood and within 30 minutes, I received the freelance job opportunity! As an entrepreneur running a startup business, every dollar counts. Freelance contact gigs can sustain me until my business picks up. I love freelance contract jobs because you can dictate your own hours and essentially are the boss of your own work! 

As you can tell, every risk I took led me down a path of perpetual rewards. What rewards are you holding off because you are afraid of taking risks?

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