The Purpose of Rebranding

First and original logo of The Corporate Pimp (2015)

First and original logo of The Corporate Pimp (2015)

The first logo that was designed for my business, The Corporate Pimp, was completed shortly before I commenced my 88 city tour last year. The logo reflected my book, How to Pimp Corporate America with the font style and illustrated character, The Corporate Pimp. I've always been a person who desired consistency in branding. I figured to keep things simple and relative to the work I completed for my manuscript.

As time went by, I noticed that I boxed my brand to only cater to high school students and college students. I learned that I essentially wanted to target 25 to 35 year old working professionals but the logo needed to reflect the correct brand. In addition, the Corporate Pimp character didn't need to be a part of the logo since it is an iconic figure. I realized that I could remove the character and instead, associate it to social media profile photos.

The logo that you see on the website today is the newly redesigned logo that was launched on August 31, 2017. I created the logo myself via an app called Canva. My goal was to have my new logo reflect my brand in a sophisticated, professional and elite echelon of existence. The blue represents the color of the sea and calm waters. The font style for 'Pimp' represents the edginess and uniqueness of the talents in which we each possess.


Today, my logo was placed on my office door and I couldn't do anything but smile perpetually! The rebrand of the Corporate Pimp is 100% complete and I want to personally thank the WeWork San Diego staff in getting this project done seamlessly! Cheers to pimping forever and ever!