The Mindset of a Trailblazer

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Growing up in the south in Jacksonville, Florida made me realize how a lot of people in my hometown did not have the willpower to leave Jacksonville or the South altogether. It was because they were complacent in their environment when I was not. After the death of my mother when I was 14, I dreamed daily of what it would be like to travel the world, experience new adventures, and meet strangers along the way that would turn into lifelong friendships.

Once I graduated high school, I was ready to embark on my career path with the start of me living in a new city 3 hours away from my hometown. College was great but I soon felt like I needed to leave the state of Florida to grow and develop in my career. When I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006, I fell in love with the bustling city with skyscrapers, great hospitality and delicious food! Atlanta was where I grew in my career. I earned my Master's degree in 2012 and in 2011, I increased my salary over $40,000 in one year.

If I had not moved to Atlanta, I'm not sure if I would be quitting my job, focusing on my business and writing this blog article. I say this because the career role that assisted me in being successful is the reason why I wrote my book. It all started with me having a change in mindset and blazing a trail of my own.

What's your trail that you need to blaze in life?