Overcoming Shyness to Advance in my Career

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I was always a shy kid growing up in Jacksonville, Florida. I hardly said much and kept to myself. It wasn't until my high school years when I realized my true identity.

During my senior year in high school, I started a student club organization entitled, Senior Men of Stanton. I knew then that I had leadership potential but needed to get away from being the "shy kid" in the classroom. Soon after I launched the start of a new organization, I was well respected among my classmates and was quickly noticed around the school for my good deeds with my volunteer organization.

In college, I enrolled in a public speaking course. I was generally a good speaker because I made eye contact with mostly every audience member and my voice carried across the room. The class helped me out a lot with the basics of public speaking. My shyness was cured! Or so I thought it was.

When I moved to Atlanta in 2012, my shyness came back as soon as I started auditioning for acting roles. My hands were sweaty, my forehead was glistening and my mouth was dry from all of the gulps I took. I realized at that moment that I needed help mastering my skills in front of the camera and on the stage so that I can overcome my shyness once and for all.

Five years later... 58 motivational speaking presentations, 5 television interviews and 1 graduation commencement address

Overcome your shyness and pimp your career like I did!

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