How Overconfidence in an Interview Fails


As I was getting the day started at a WeWork office in Los Angeles, I overheard an interview being conducted for a young man who was applying to be a Community Manager for WeWork.

The interviewer asked, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" The young man, the interviewee stated, "I see myself as a COO."

Huh?!?! Say what now?

I wish I would've had my camera ready to take a picture of the interviewer's face because it was priceless as he stated "Oh. Ok. That's quite the ambitious mindset."

The interviewee probably thought he secured the job with a statement like that but his answer wasn't realistic. You have to crawl before you walk and actually work 10 times as hard as your counterpart if you wish to achieve a goal as high as that with a Fortune 500 company in 5 years.

Clearly, this young man thought that being overconfident in his responses was sufficient enough for him to be placed as a top, qualified candidate. However, it hurt him in the process and he probably will not be hired.

Understand that if you are realistic with your answers in an interview, you will win each time because of your genuineness and authenticity. Overconfident responses will lead you no where but the job search engine of your choice. Be real. Be authentic. Be you!

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