A Tribute to Atlanta: The Corporate Pimp Acts

Moving to Atlanta groomed me to be successful in my corporate career but also helped me to overcome my fears of being on stage and in front of cameras. In 2010, I developed a strong interest in acting and enrolled in classes to assist me in perfecting my craft. As time went by, I still remembered lessons taught on posture, diction, voice projection, understanding the "Moment Before" technique and much more!

Let's fast forward to the present. Although am no longer pursuing acting as a career, a lot of the skills and lessons learned were valuable and instrumental to me now, as an entrepreneur. Since I resigned from my job and stepped into entrepreneurship full time, I'm constantly working on pushing more and more content on social media. Filming myself on camera is fun, exciting and exhilarating! It feels natural to me. I truly have to thank the plethora of acting classes I enrolled in while living in Atlanta.

I might not have booked a leading role in a movie but I booked a lifetime role as an entrepreneur giving back to our nation through my business, The Corporate Pimp.

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