Signs of Glass Ceiling in the Workplace


With careers in corporate America, there is a such thing as a “glass ceiling” which is the barrier you have reached at the highest peak of your career profession. Being at this point in your career gets dull and boring real quick but you can avoid reaching this if you know examples of hitting the glass ceiling in the workplace.

The first sign is when the next position above you with your current employer is a Directorial role in which you have no chance in attaining unless the current person in the role is fired or “croaks” prematurely.

The second sign is when you are passively searching for a new job while working on an existing one, you get to the interview and while negotiating your salary, it backfires on you. Why? Because the salary you currently have is higher than market value for someone of your skills and expertise. Due to this matter, other companies are not willing to pay you what you desire.

The third and last sign is if your skills for a specific career profession is nearing an expiration date. This could be due to modern technology fostering functions of your job role. If so, you have reached the glass ceiling in your career.

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Cheers to pimping!

Joshua Jackson