Happy Pimpversary


On August 31, 2017, I worked my last hour in corporate America. Ever since I wrote my book, "How to Pimp Corporate America" and conducted a motivational speaking tour, The Revolutionizing Pimping Tour to 39 states and 88 cities in 6 months, I yearned to focus more on my business on a full-time basis. Leaving a job paying well over 6 figures was not easy but when you know what your WHY is in life, it will constantly replay in your subconscious until you actually achieve it.

While on tour in 2016, I learned the art of making sacrifices while on a shoestring budget. It was because of this that I knew I could run a business full-time as long as I saved properly, didn't live above my means and allocated funds from revenue received to cover monthly expenses. It was worth it to walk out of the office a year ago on August 31, 2017 with my final paycheck in my hand.

August 31st has always been a special day. The birth of my beautiful niece, JaLeeyah. The release of "How to Pimp Corporate America" in 2015. Now, to add to the list is my 1 Year Anniversary of Entrepreneurship!

For those of you that have the desire to be your own boss, the only person stopping you is yourself. If your purpose in life is to change the world outside of the walls of corporate America, then do it! Don't allow anyone to change your mind on the dream in which you are called to bring to fruition.

From the moment I left corporate America, I never regretted my decision. Yes, I've had failures occur this past year but the fact remains, The Corporate Pimp is a profitable business entity and will continue being one for many years to come.

Happy Pimpversary! Cheers to pimping forever!

Joshua Jackson