Discrediting the Naysayers


There used to be a time in my life when I would get all butt hurt and in my feelings when people would not agree with my future plans or ideas. Now that I'm older, I just smile and nod but still end up doing what I intend on doing because I refuse to give credit to a naysayer. For the following reasons outlined, you can discredit a naysayer too.

Most people that are naysayers have not been where you are planning to go with your future. Due to their lack of experience, how can they guide you if they are blind themselves? The minute a naysayer starts forming their argument, I have already discredited them because I know their experience doesn't equate to the advice they are soliciting.

We all have our jealous moments but certain naysayers will tell you what you should not do out of being spitefully jealous at your goals, dreams and ambitions. People like this are like crabs in a bucket. They don't want to see you move to the top quicker than them so instead, they attempt pulling you down to stay at their level. It's all out of jealousy which you can easily discredit by ignoring them.

Lastly, you have the naysayer that is negative and pessimistic. They don't want to see you win at all. These are my favorite naysayers! Want to know why? Because I prove them wrong every time! Prime example, the name of my business, The Corporate Pimp. At first, I received all kinds of hate mail, text messages and phone calls mentioning that I should change the name of my business but I was firm with my decision to keep the name because I believe in the purpose and mission behind it all. I would state in my head, "Just watch. I can show you better than I can tell you," and since 2017, checks have been rolling in with the name THE CORPORATE PIMP, INC. on the ‘Pay to the Order Of’ line.

The naysayers will continue to be there but don't allow their commentaries to overshadow your dreams. Do what is necessary to block them out so that you can move forward into a trajectory of a brighter future.

Joshua Jackson