Evaluating Your Circle of Influence


As you're constantly growing and evolving in life, your circle of friends rarely stays the same. The reason being is because as you get older, your thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and habitual rituals change over time. Which means that your circle of friends will change as well. If your goal is to advance your career in corporate America, there are three things to look for in friends who would hinder your career growth.

When you're working on making moves with your career, watch out for friends of yours that like repeating the same habits and activities regularly. They are okay with being stagnant when you're not. They will give you push back for wanting to change your habits but you can't let that stop you from achieving your career goals.

You may also have friends that occupy your time with nonsense gossip. The last thing you have time to deal with is meaningless conversation whether it be about the neighbor's new car or a co-worker's stink breath. Why does it matter? Oh, that's right! It doesn't! Friends and/or co-workers that talk about others are only doing it out of not acknowledging their insecurities. Watch out for people like this as their insecurities could affect you and make you uncertain about the direction of your career path.

Lastly, you may have friends that are unable to see your vision for your career. This is more detrimental than you think because these types of friends can influence you to change your entire career if they encourage you with the right words to say. Be careful with people like this because the future of your career should be based upon your desires to fulfill, not theirs.

Your close friends, family members and/or co-workers are key influencers on the advancement or backward motion of your career path. Those that are helping you become the best version of yourself in your career are those that are needed in your circle of influence.

Joshua Jackson