The After Vacation Effect


When working in corporate America, the benefit of having paid time-off (PTO) is rewarding. However, when returning back to work, you may feel unmotivated to get any work done. Allow me to share with you a few tips that will help defeat this type of behavior.

First and foremost, when returning to work, your co-workers are going to want to hear stories and see pictures of your vacation. I would suggest doing this during your lunch break or after work hours. If you talk about your vacation too much throughout the day, then your thoughts will remain heavily on returning back to paradise and not on your work.

You also want to stay away from internet search engines of vacation spots. You just returned from a vacation. The last thing you need is to be tempted to plan another one because now should be the time for you to focus on work so that you can save funds for another vacation. However, this only can happen if you concentrate on your work.

Lastly, do your best to not have too much idle time during work hours. This is a perfect time for you to want to peruse on social media and view recent photos from your vacation. Constantly stay busy at work in order to avoid the trap of idleness.

All in all, personal time is refreshing and rejuvenating in every way. Just remember after returning to work how you were able to purchase the plane ticket and hotel accommodations for your vacation in the first place. That's your motivator.

Joshua Jackson