Finding Your Motivation


A friend once asked me, "How do you get motivated when you have no motivation?" For a few seconds, I really had to contemplate on the right answer to that question. Mainly because I never thought of not having a place of which you draw your motivation from. As I thought of what motivates me, it hit me. You find motivation in what pulls your heart strings. It is essentially where your true emotions lie.

When I was growing up, I had a lot of ideas and goals in mind on the career path I should take. However, I knew that my heart and passion was to help people. Shortly before I conjured the idea to write my published book, How to Pimp Corporate America, I watched a few episodes of Undercover Boss. At the very end of each episode, my eyes would tear up and I would cry out of joy because there was something special about seeing someone's career and life change based on someone else fortunate enough to give.

The show inspired me to want to do the same; to give back. To give back on the knowledge I acquired to achieve a successful career in corporate America. It was because my heart strings were pulled that I realized my goals should intrinsically match with my motivation which is seeing others advance in their careers.

Find that one spark of motivation that makes you smile, cry and laugh at the same time. Once you've found it, it will lead you on the path of success toward a rewarding career.

Joshua Jackson