When You Know More Than Your Boss


There have been an endless amount of times where I would know more about my job role and skills required than my manager. It annoyed me for a while until I figured out how to tackle this issue. How I see it, there are three steps in dealing with a boss like this:

  • State the facts. Actually let them know where your sources are derived from and provide accurate results that will help solidify your argument. People can argue all day but you can't argue with facts.

  • Train your boss. If they don't know something, explain it to them in detail through training them on how it's done. They will appreciate it in the long run and will more than likely oblige you with a promotion in the future.

  • Follow up. Be proactive in following up on information trained. This will also aid you in uncovering other areas where you can educate your boss.

Instead of being frustrated that your boss lacks knowledge, try understanding how to solve the situation instead of complaining about it.

Joshua Jackson