80 Hours Per Week


After I graduated from college, I was determined to chase after the almighty dollar by working multiple jobs at once. My first job started at 7:30am and ended at 4:30pm while the second job started at 9pm and ended at 6am. Since my off days for each job never coincided with the other, I figured that working 80 hours per week was doable. I realized quickly that I was sadly mistaken.

Everything in my life felt rushed. My social life was only limited to the workplace and my sleep pattern was off balance. However, I was doing well financially but wasn't able to enjoy any of my income. After three months, I secured another position and got rid of my 80 hour per week schedule.

I learned a valuable lesson. When the desire to have money is more important than your well being, there lies the problem. The new position I secured was $5,000 more per year than the first job but much less than working two jobs at 80 hours per week. Nevertheless, I was able to live comfortably with one job by cutting back on expenses and living below my means. I soon felt relieved that I could actually have my life back.

Joshua Jackson