Showcase Your Value


From the minute you were hired for the job, it was embedded in your employer's mind that you were of value as an asset for the organization. However, your value ought to be displayed and not hidden. It is far from boasting about your talents but rather, in a subtle way giving a nudge of acknowledgement in noticing your contributions on the job.

One of my first contract positions opened doors for more opportunities to be handled. For example, we didn't have a designated Project Manager on my assigned project for the first 3 months. I was always organized and on top of assignments, I figured, "Why not step in and help out as a PM?" Although it was all new to me, the business users felt like I was a natural born Project Manager.

It wasn't until 6 months later when all contracts with contractors were coming up for renewal. Several of my counterparts' contracts were not renewed. However, my contract was guaranteed a renewal because my value was pertinent to the success of the organization. If I wouldn't have stepped in to assume a role that no one else didn't want to manage, I would've been in the same boat as the others without a guaranteed contract renewal.

Your value is only as important as you allow it to be known unto others. If you know your value, then it will be no problem for you to let it shine in all that you do on the job.

Joshua Jackson