Uncomfortably Comfortable


When you are faced with a new challenge correlated with a goal you desire to accomplish, making moves to get out of your comfort zone is necessary to attaining success. The first step is always the hardest because it still feels uncomfortable to bear. Nevertheless, when you have an end goal in mind, it is important to learn adapting being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

My first sales job in corporate America consisted of me completing door-to-door sales transactions. I was mortified. Want to know why? Because I had to approach a random stranger and convince them to buy into the services I was employed to sell. After two weeks of training in the office, I was still nervous and uncomfortable about going to a stranger's door. Thankfully, my manager joined me on the first few visits to model his approach.

As I made the first knock, I took a large gulp and turned to look at my manager for support just in case I couldn't regurgitate the first words out of my mouth. I knew after my first two sentences that I was uncomfortable because I was trying to rush my pitch to the potential client. Once I was welcomed into their home, I relaxed my nerves and presented my sales presentation flawlessly. By the end of my first month on the job, I not only exceeded my monthly quota but was the first new hire, at that time, to make more in one month than the current top sales agent.

Was I still uncomfortable selling services door-to-door? Absolutely! However, once I started each conversation, my level of comfortability would get better which enabled me to close more sales and defeat being uncomfortable.

Joshua Jackson