The Hopeless Manager


I have always been the type of person that want to see the best in others and to give people a chance to course correct their fatalistic actions. When I worked in corporate America, there would be times when I would hope that my manager would get it together but instead, they were hopeless in having a desire to change their ways.

Approximately 8 years ago, I worked for a manager who failed to acknowledge that they honestly did not know what they were doing. The rest of our team knew more than they did about the job and the work we needed to deliver to our management team. When the first occurrence happened, I just assumed that maybe they were not aware of how we handle work and decided to go the extra mile in coaching them. Surely they will change their actions after I coach them, right? Nope. Not one bit.

This particular manager kept conjuring up solutions that were useless or would need to be assessed further before making irrational plans. I was hoping that they would change but it kept getting worst and to the point where people were starting to reconsider working for our employer and started applying to vacant job roles. Eventually, the manager ended up leaving the company and it made our lives at work a lot better.

The lesson I learned from this situation is that sometimes, we have to trust our intuition. Just like you have that gut feeling about a person you know outside of work who is hopeless as can be, same applies in the workplace. Start trusting your intuition more so that you aren't wasting your time trying to convince a person to change their actions when they are repeating the same habits over and over with no desire to do better.

Joshua Jackson