Check Your Face


In corporate America, your image is everything. By image, I'm specifically referring to your face. Ever had a time when you finished eating lunch but your lunch wasn't done with you because it still resided in your teeth? Or maybe you just have dried nasal mucuses, also known as boogers, dangling within the inner loins of your left nose gasping for air? Allow me to share tips on checking your facial image before starting your work and/or returning to work.

  • Use Your Car Mirror // On your way to work while waiting in traffic, you might as well check your mirror for any leftover food in your teeth. This is great use of your time when you're at a standstill in traffic.

  • Camera Phone // If you don't have a portable mirror or have the time to check your face in the restroom, use your camera phone. It's the quickest way to make sure you look presentable before running into anyone at the workplace.

  • Tissue On Deck // In times when you just need to damp your nose to pull that "you know what" out, do it with class. Not with your fingers but with tissue instead.

  • Ask a Co-Worker // Maybe you're just like me and want to make extra sure that there isn't anything in your nose, ask a co-worker you trust. They will inform you if you either need to freshen up some more or that you're good to go.

Presentation in corporate America speaks volumes. Do yourself a favor and everyone else you will come in contact with to check your face. You'll be happy you did.

Joshua Jackson