Eye Contact


If you are talking to someone in person or listening to them speak, it is imperative for you to make direct eye contact throughout the conversation. No matter what your reason is for not making eye contact, allow me to explain why it is important for you in correlation with the advancement of your career.

  • Respecting the Conversation // When you're making eye contact with an individual while they are speaking, it shows that you're giving them your undivided attention. In addition, it shows that you respect them enough to listen to what they have to say because time is of the essence at work.

  • Exudes Self-Confidence // Imagine speaking to someone who never looks you in the eye or listening to someone but not looking at them, kind of awkward, right? All it means is that the individual lacks self-confidence. In cases like these, it could be a personal issue in which professional therapy would assist. However, when you make eye contact, it exhibits confidence on your stance and reflects in your work.

  • Evaluating Eyes // Looking directly into someone's eyes can explain a lot about a person. Especially if you have an idea for a viable solution at work, depending on the action of the other person, context clues could reveal answers to unanswered questions based on eye contact alone.

Whether you are making eye contact on a regular or not in conversation, take notice of it more often and adjust accordingly. Your respect, confidence and keen understanding of intuition will show through eye contact.

Joshua Jackson