Booked Travel before PTO Approval


Your family or friend notifies you of a trip in 6 months. Instead of checking in with your manager about requesting specific days off, you book your flight, lodging accommodations and rental car for the trip. Once you arrive to work the next day or following week, you schedule an appointment with your manager to discuss your future trip. During the meeting, you are getting vibes that your manager may not approve your request. This scenario is common in the workplace. However, there are ways to request paid time off (PTO) even if you've already spent funds for your trip.

  • Share Workload // Before you speak with your manager, ask a co-worker on your team if they wouldn't mind helping to complete your workload while you're on vacation. Mention to them that you'll return the favor when they're away. This will make it easier for them to comply in helping you out.

  • Get Ahead // If you're able to block out chunks of time so that you can get ahead of your work, do so! Develop an action plan stating how you're going to handle your workload while on vacation and present it to your manager. This will help them see how proactive you are in planning ahead before you embark on your vacation.

  • Work on Vacation // If you work in a demanding position, compromise on minimal hours that you will dedicate completing work while you're on vacation. Even if you're partying most of your trip, there will always be downtimes in which you could use to complete work, if needed.

No matter the approach you take, it will place you in a better position to obtain approval from your manager for vacation days you're planning to request off.

Joshua Jackson