Summer Work Attire


Summer is here which means warmer and hotter weather is upon us. Whether you work indoors or outdoors majority of the time, when the weather is hot, you will desire to dress comfortable. Before you decide to start shedding more skin than usual, ask yourself the following questions first.

  • Do I work in an environment that is conducive to wearing dress down attire? Depending on the customers you work with and your line of work, wearing casual attire may already be accepted at your workplace.

  • Is there a dress code policy that I need to be aware of? Most times, companies will implement a dress code policy. If they do, check and see what applies as presentable attire versus what is not presentable attire.

  • Is my manager and other managers wearing relaxed attire during the summer? Managers are there to lead by example. Watching them and emulating the type of attire you should wear to work on a hot summer day is a great decision maker.

You deserve to be comfortable in every way when working in corporate America. Especially when the temperature is higher than 90 degrees on a summer day. Work smarter with casual attire instead of sweating ferociously when you don't have to from the beginning.

Joshua Jackson