Resignation Etiquette


You're fed up with your current job and have been interviewing silently for weeks. The next day, you receive a phone call from a prospective employer with a verbal job offer. You accept and are thrilled to complete next steps but you need to exit your current job gracefully. Allow me to explain in the following tips on how to resign accordingly.

  • 3+ Weeks Notice // Since the existence of corporate America, a two-week notice has always been the standard. This is good, however I would suggest to extend the notice to three or more weeks instead. Reason being is because it will give you more time to create a transition plan and more time for your current employer to search for your replacement.

  • Transition Plan // When resigning, you want to leave on good terms. Which is why a transition plan is needed for your employer and replacement. Creating a transition plan should include your day-to-day duties and any pertinent information that you believe would be valuable for your replacement to know.

  • Customer Notifications // Your customers that you talk to regularly deserve to know if you are no longer their point of contact due to your resignation. Contacting your customers and notifying them of your resignation will show to them how loyal you are to them. Best case scenarios could be that they end up as your client at your new firm or they may offer you a job.

All in all, resign with a peace of mind. Burning bridges won't get you far. However, leading with providing a longer notice than usual, developing a transition plan to be used by your replacement and contacting your frequent customers will take you further in your career than you've ever imagined.

Joshua Jackson