Lunch Money Savers


When I worked in corporate America, I never realized how much money I wasted on lunches until I started budgeting better. That's when noticed in the past that I was spending $60 or more each week for lunches. I knew I had to make changes in my spending habits if I wanted to save more money each week. Here are some techniques that could help you save on spending your money on lunches.

  • Eat a Full Breakfast // If you know how to cook, carve out enough time in the morning to fix yourself a full breakfast. This way, when its time for lunch, all you will have an appetite for is a protein bar or a fruit.

  • Prepare Lunch Meals // Having your lunches prepared for the week saves you time and money. Place your meals in Tupperware containers and label each container for a specific day of the week.

  • Treat Yourself Modestly // If you enjoy rewarding yourself for completing milestones at work, then treating yourself out for lunch is acceptable. However, if you see a trend where you're treating yourself more than your bank account can approve each transaction, then you'll need to scale it back a bit.

There are more things you can do with your money that doesn't involve squandering it for unnecessary lunch purchases. All in all, when considering to spend or not to spend funds on lunches during a typical work week, recall the techniques as mentioned above and choose the one that fits your lifestyle accordingly.

Joshua Jackson