Poor Job Fit


Imagine after several interviews for a vacant job role, you receive a callback that you've been hired. You're excited about the new job opportunity and accept the offer. However, after the first week of employment, you realize quickly that the job fit is not what you hoped to attain. Allow me to provide tips on what to do when confronted with this issue.

  • Internal Opportunities Search // Your job role itself may not be the right fit but that doesn't mean that other vacant job roles within the company are not a right fit either. Search for opportunities from within, find the one(s) that you like the most and apply.

  • Tolerable to End Date // If the issues you are experiencing can be tolerated for a specific period of time until a scheduled end date, then commence with tolerating it temporarily. Just make sure that you are making strides to finding a better job so that you can achieve your goal before or on your desired end date.

  • Request and Demand Change // The job isn't the right fit but what if you made it the right fit? Speak with your manager and their manager, to discuss the changes needed in order for you to excel in your career. When presenting your proposal for change, make sure that you are firm about your demands and that you mention incentives for the employer if they agreed to your changes.

When a job is not the right fit, there could be a number of reasons why this is the case. No matter the reason, either searching in your employer's internal database for other job opportunities, tolerating your job for a specific time frame or requesting change to occur with your job will all assist you in moving forward in ultimately obtaining a better job that fits you.

Joshua Jackson