Office Bugs and Rodents


The last thing you would expect to be fighting off while working on the job are bugs and/or rodents. It doesn't matter if it is a roach, a rat, or a fly, it is not only annoying but nerve racking. However, there are ways to handle this without screaming from the top of your lungs as if you were watching a horror film.

  • Fly Swatter // As silly as this may sound, keep a fly swatter at your desk. Flies love to congregate inside when the weather is hot and especially near food and beverages.

  • Bug Spray // Another small investment you could make would be bug spray. Make sure that the spray is scented so that you aren't funking up your office with an unwanted smell.

  • Rodent Trap // The old technique of having a mouse trap or rodent trap to capture rodents will work too. Make sure that the trap is hidden and not in plain sight. Your co-workers don't need an upset stomach from seeing a mouse tail caught in your trap.

You deserve to work in a comfortable environment free of rodents. Your conscience doesn't need to be hacked with fear of rodents while getting the job done.

Joshua Jackson