The Bounce Back


During my early twenties, one of the things I am not proud of was allowing my anger to get the best of me in the workplace. It was when I used angry and offensive words to my manager that I burned a bridge at one of the most reputable consulting agencies in the world. Although I was not rehireable, I was able to "bounce back" into a rewarding career in corporate America.

  • Bridge Burning Checkpoint // After I resigned, I quickly realized that I needed to change how I react when I'm angry on the job. One of the best things I could've done for myself was to be aware of it ahead of time so I can prevent anything to pop off that I would eventually regret.

  • Increased Marketability // I knew I had to market myself better than ever before. In order to do this, I needed to be certified in my field of expertise. Once I was certified, my salary increased exponentially and more job opportunities were presented to me.

  • Refined Profile // The job opportunities presented to me wouldn't have happened if I did not have a polished, refined résumé. I made it a conscience effort to update my résumé on industry specific job posting sites for review by recruiters.

No matter the bridge you burn, you're able to bounce back and land on your feet. Just remember to check yourself before reacting next time, get certified to increase your marketability and keep your résumé updated regularly.

Joshua Jackson