Self-Care is the Best Care


Ever since I could remember, my fingernails would naturally grow exponentially long. Sometimes it would be too long which made people think that I either played an instrument or sold drugs. I did neither. However, I learned over time that I needed to make it a habitual ritual to never allow my nails to grow too long where it would cause a scene and unnecessary chatter in the workplace.

The following are three different forms of self-care that are all beneficial to leveling up in your career.

  • Personal Grooming // Making sure that you're entering the workplace presentable is key to the success of your future. Freshly combed hair and a perfectly iron outfit with a Colgate smile, nothing is stopping you to take on corporate America!

  • Physical Health // Since majority of workers are all in front of computers daily, make sure that you're not developing any back, neck or shoulder problems. Also, if possible, schedule a physical once a year. It's always good to know where you stand with your overall health.

  • Relaxation // Sometimes you just need to take a dip in the pool, drink a cold brew or travel to a tropical island. Whatever you do, it's helpful to recharge your mind, soul and body when taking in consideration that you need to slow down at work and just breathe.

Overall, make sure you're investing time for yourself. Self-care truly is the best care.

Joshua Jackson