Maybe It's Just You


It's easier to point the finger at other variables related to issues we face in life but rarely do we sit down and think about the stem of the issue being ourselves. The job you want, the salary you desire to attain and other goals you aspire to achieve in your career can happen but it starts with you realizing, "Maybe it's just me."

Years ago when I received notice for the first time that I could work remotely from home, I was elated! No more fighting traffic in the mornings and evenings or feeling trapped in one confined space all day. I could actually have more control over my schedule and how I complete work regularly. However, the problem I faced was that I became too comfortable and soon after, I was being lackadaisical with my work.

I remember using excuses like, "I have to work more hours in the day because everyone is expecting me to be available all of the time since I work from home." After a while, excuses like these didn't appease my managers so guess who was on the list of employees to lay off shortly thereafter? Yours truly.

I endured it and returned back in the workforce on top but it was a lesson for me to understand and comprehend. It was to not make excuses by pointing the blame elsewhere for my own actions. I needed to acknowledge my flaws and fix them accordingly. Ask yourself, what do YOU need to change that is holding you back from your success?

Joshua Jackson