Work Secrets


Whether you were eavesdropping or was told confidential information, work secrets ought to be handled with care and without gossiping involved. Unlike personal secrets, work secrets could jeopardize your career. Which essentially effects your cash flow. Allow me to explain tips on how you should handle secrets on the job.

  • Be Silent // The best way to keep a secret is simple. Just keep your mouth shut. Eventually, that secret will reveal itself but it is not your place to divulge it.

  • Half Story Told // If you feel the need to reveal the secret, then tell a fraction of the story and not all of it to an unaffiliated third party. For instance, you don't have to tell your significant other that you overheard who will be getting fired and when but that you heard some pressing news that could shake up the environment of the office. Anything else, you're not at liberty to discuss.

  • Name Disguises // Maybe the secret you heard is quite unsettling and you feel the need to share it in confidence with a therapist or an unaffiliated third party individual you trust. Only sharing necessary details while disguising each name can be helpful in getting the insight you need to move forward.

Although it is always a good call to keep secrets to yourself, we all have had times when that secret in one form or another has slipped out of our mouths or we just needed to vent about it to a close friend. The key is to handle each secret with care. Besides, you wouldn't want your secrets revealed, now would you?

Joshua Jackson