The Interview Test


Earlier this week, while leaving one client's appointment to head to another, I requested for an UBER ride. After I became acquainted with the driver and he learned about my business, he asks me, "If someone were fired from a job, should they divulge that information on a future interview if they know or suspect that the interviewer may already know and could be testing them?" I sat there in my seat and thought about my answer because the question itself was a web of drama. Once I explained my response, in a way it shocked my driver.

First and foremost, if the interviewer may already know that the interviewee was fired from their previous job, then as the interviewee knowing this early on, the main question they need to ask themselves is:

Why the f*ck am I interviewing for a company that is testing the validity of me being fired?!

To me, it just doesn't make sense to waste each other's time if the interviewer is not interested in hiring them and if the interviewee has an inclination of this ahead of time!

Furthermore, if you feel like you need to divulge more information than you would like to on your initial interview, then maybe it is not the right job for you. Feeling uncomfortable straight out of the gate could be your intuition saying go the opposite direction.

After I said all of this to my UBER driver, it made sense to him and he immediately followed up with, "Thank you for this advice. I'll tell my wife so she won't do this again next time."

Joshua Jackson