Thinking Ahead


When I commenced my tour in 2016, The Revolutionizing Pimping Tour, I traveled non-stop and when I arrived in cities, I was clueless on how to get around until I started thinking ahead. It was imperative for me to know what my previous directions are right before my final destination.

For example, when I arrived in local cities, my mode of transportation sometimes would be the city bus. I would get in the habit of remembering the street names of the last two stops before my designated stop so that I would know when I would need to be ready to ring for the bus driver to stop the bus.

Same thing applies when I would drive. If I could at least take notice of the last street name before my desired destination, then I would know which turn to take or not take ahead of time.

All in all, understand how to think two steps ahead of any plan or decision as it relates to your career. Condition yourself to think of all of the previous steps that you would need to take in order to propel further on your journey of success in corporate America.

Joshua Jackson