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We pride ourselves in providing the best career related services and solutions available to individuals and businesses!

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The Corporate Pimp Concierge Services

We offer selective career services that cater to your needs. You deserve to pick and choose services offered, similar to an à la carte menu. Our Corporate Pimp Concierge Services offers the services listed below depending on the type of customer you are.

Individual Consumers

  • Résumé Packages*
    • Résumé Writing and Coaching
    • Video Résumé Production
  • Private Career Coaching
  • Mock-up Interview Coaching
  • Personal Branding Coaching
  • Grooming and Business Etiquette Coaching

*To learn more about our Résumé Packages, click here.

Non-Profit Organizations, Educational Institutions and Corporations

  • Motivational Speaking Presentations
  • Participatory Career Workshops

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The Corporate Pimp Business Champion Concierge Services

We offer tailored professional development and career growth opportunities within each firm. As your business continues to grow, we want to grow and evolve with you. Our Corporate Pimp Business Champion Concierge Services offers the following à la carte services:

  • Career Training Development
    • Teaching internal employees intricate details and processes as it relates to specific job roles 
  • Team Building Workshops
    • Engaging teams and departments internally to participate in activities that will help them grow in their careers
  • Edutainment Lunch and Learns
    • Educating and entertaining on career related topics and current event news during lunch, with activities included, that will ultimately enhance each employee's career
  • Human Resources and Workplace Development
    • Dedicated to restructuring HR departments and fostering engagement between employees and managers

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